Key Attributes


Allohms is designed with customer needs in mind.Our user-friendly interface and simple one-touch operations ensure using it is a hassle-free experience.


Either on the cloud or your internal server, Allohms is available 24x7, empowering you to keep doing what you do best.


From large hospital chains to small clinics, AlloHMS can be tailored to meet the needs of any healthcare system. Our modular architecture enables AlloHMS to grow as u grow.


With Allohms you get a premium experience without spending a premium. Our SaaS enabled solution eliminates any upfront costs and lets you pay as you go. We also offer the option of a one-time license fee.

About AlloHMS

Jiovio AlloHMS is Offering enhanced patient care while achieving operational efficiency and maximizing revenue by digitizing each every tasks.

The AlloHMS Hospital Information Magement System(HIMS) is a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare delivery today.

AlloHMS enables small clinics/hospitals/medical centers to


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